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The Experience

Like I said on the homepage, the whole wedding planning can be stressful. The thing is, this is literally the biggest day in your life, and we HAVE to take a step back in order to truly appreciate that.

I want to catch that moment when you look at one another and that cheesy grin comes across your face. I want you to see your photo and feel the security that comes from being wrapped in each others arms. I literally want you to be able to feel the love you have been growing over however long you have been together through these images. 

I am going to prepare you for every session by planning out the location, helping you with outfits, and guiding your movements and conversation in order to capture your appreciation for each other.

I’ll guide you on the wedding day, too. I will prepare you by telling you exactly what I need (details and such) and we will create a wedding day photo timeline that will map out all the photos we need and who needs to be where at what time so we don’t even have to think about it the day of.




Tell your story


This is a little disclaimer before I get into the next part. If you need a coke, pepsi, bobby pins or whatever please don’t feel bad asking. I am happy to do that for you. 

Next! I also REALLY want you to be able to look back and remember this day. Listen, I got married one year ago, and I STILL haven’t printed anything. My job is not done until I have helped you create something to look back on. 

That’s why I offer prints. After the wedding day we will have a preview session where we will see your images, YAY! And then I will help you decide which prints or albums or whatever will help you reflect back on your wedding day the best. 

I offer gallery wraps, albums, wooden boxes, and flash drives, and a few other fun goodies that make it so when you are in a fight a few years from now, you can look back and feel that love again and wrap each other up and say how much you love each other!

I really am excited to create these moments and these images. Let’s create the art for your love story!




Do you limit hours on the wedding day?

 I don’t think one of your most important days should have limited coverage, so all wedding packages include full wedding-day coverage. 

How many photos do you deliver?

I want you to have all the best of your session, so I do not limit the amount of digital photos you get from your session. You can order as many prints as you want as well. 

can you photoshop me?

I love to photoshop! I do remove small blemishes things like that, and I will help you out a little if you want like 5 pounds taken off. But it is important to me that you still look like you! So I don’t do extreme edits.

How do we get our digital photos?

I will send you a link to a digital gallery through your email. From there you can download your high-resolution images. 

Do you help in the planning?

Yes! I will send you a guide on what to wear and help you every step of the way. 

What is a preview session?

It is the first time you see your photos. YAY! Also it is a chance for me to help you with prints, and I usually give a discount on prints during your preview session.

WHat is the best piece of advice for the wedding day?

Don’t stress the small stuff. Not everything will go perfect, and that’s okay. You will be so wrapped up in it all you might not even notice!

What's your turnaround time?

The couples session and bridal session are delivered one week within your session. Wedding photos are delivered four weeks after the wedding day.

Can you give us raw images?

I believe editing the images is part of the process. It’s the way I add my artistic twist to the images, so I only delivered edited Jpegs and prints from your session.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

Six years. I started photography when I was 15, and got into the wedding industry at age 17. 

How do we print our photos?

During our preview session, I will guide you on what sizes may look best in your home. I can also show you some other fun printing options. You can orde them then, and I will print them and deliver them to you.

Where should we print our photos?

I do it all for you! It is important that I make sure the end result reflects the same quality of the high-resolution image and that the print will be a memorable piece of art to display in your home and last your whole life. That was long-winded. But anyways, I do it for you:)

How does the preview session work?

If we live close, I will come to your home and show you your images on my laptop. I will bring prints as well so we can see what sizes would look good in the house. If we live far, we will have a zoom meeting!